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Welcome to our Junior School

Sophie Bradshaw, Head of Junior School, welcomes you to Croydon High

Life is never dull working with young children and our girls never cease to surprise and delight with their enthusiasm and individuality. At Croydon High Juniors we strive to support the girls to become the best version of themselves. There is no ideal they need to model themselves on, no set formula for their interests and passions; just an expectation that they approach learning opportunities with curiosity and commitment. 
Our girls are bursting with potential and it is a privilege to help them to explore and develop. In everything that we offer at Croydon High, right from Nursery, we have your daughter’s future in mind. Attributes such as confidence and resilience together with skills in presentation and reasoning will be as important as academic qualifications for her success and are therefore given  equal importance within the Junior School. Girls are encouraged to apply for positions of responsibility, audition for roles in productions and try out for sport and academic teams. They are not expected to succeed 100% of the time and what they learn about how to throw their hat into the ring will ensure that they are fully prepared for the competitive nature of university applications, graduate entry schemes and taking professional risks when opportunities arise.
Visitors to our school often comment on how relaxed and happy the girls are in their school environment. For me, this is the most important element of what we do. Happy girls who are comfortable to talk to me and their teachers about their work, their ideas and their concerns are best placed to learn. Come and visit us to meet our impressive girls.
Mrs Sophie Bradshaw
Head of Junior School

Happiness leads to success at Croydon High Juniors!

Junior School

Visit our Junior School and you will notice two aspects of the school in particular; the first is just how happy, confident and well-mannered the girls are. The second is the sense of purpose and focus on their work that the girls have. We are confident that we have developed the perfect learning environment for girls between 3-11 years of age.

After the excellent foundation established in the Nursery and Reception classes, girls progress through our Junior School and then Senior School, continuing to learn all manner of skills, as well as gaining ever greater confidence and independence.

Inspirational teaching and a focus on the individual helps them develop their own unique skills and talents, maximises their personal potential, and prepares them academically, emotionally and socially to make an easy, seamless transition to our senior school in Year 7.

Challenge, opportunity and a willingness to 'have a go' are important in developing their skills and confidence, and our staff are experts in providing exactly these opportunities. We encourage, support and inspire the girls to experiment and try new things, to help them find out what they are good at and what they enjoy. Judging from the numbers attending the optional extra-curricular clubs, our pupils are certainly enthusiastic, whether at Chess club, Circus Skills, ‘In the News’ or any of the other clubs which currently number about fifty.

Our pastoral care is second to none for we understand girls; what is important to them and how to help them negotiate the sometimes tricky world of friendships. The school as a community is important to them and all the girls are able to be involved in decision making.

We believe in giving our pupils every opportunity to be part of a community where we nurture a love of learning through a vibrant mix of academic and enriching extra-curricular activities. This will be the foundation of their personal journey through life.

Croydon High girls are enthusiastic and eager to learn and to take part – it's never hard to find a volunteer for anything!

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