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Uniform Information

Information for Parents & Prospective Parents

Girls at Croydon High School are proud of their School uniform. We wear it in order to foster a sense of community and to enable girls to present a neat and business-like appearance both within and outside the school. Uniform should be worn in a clean and tidy condition both at school and between school and home.

  • All clothing and other articles brought to school should be clearly named.
  • All items may only be purchased from Hewitts of Croydon.
  • Please note that Hewitts are happy to take telephone orders. There is no need to visit the shop.

School Outfiitters

Hewitts of Croydon
45-51 Church Street, Croydon CR9 1QQ
020 8688 1830


Uniform Requirements

Please use the links below to download information on the requirements by year group.

Uniform for Nursery and Years 1 and 2 | PDF (285KB)
Uniform for Years 3 to 6 | PDF (285KB)
Senior School Uniform Guide | PDF
Sixth Form Dress Code | PDF (548KB)

PTA Used Uniform Sale

Goods Accepted:

Regulation school uniform in the approved style ONLY and in good condition. Unsuitable items which are darned, embroidered, torn or with belts or buttons missing will be returned or not offered for sale. No underwear, socks, tights or shoes are accepted for the sale.

Procedure for entering articles in the sale:

  1. List the items you are submitting on our Uniform Sale List. Please use a dark pen and make a separate entry for each item. For items over £5 only, tick the Reclaim column to have unsold items returned to you.
  2. Complete one of the attached labels for each item and attach it securely with a safety pin.
  3. Bring the completed list with the clothes and leave at the Junior School office during the week before the sale. Items brought in on the day of a sale will be included in the following sale.
  4. Keep this letter and a copy of your list for reference.
  5. Items remaining unsold after 3 sales will become donations and all proceeds given to the School Fund unless the reclaim box has been ticked on the form.

Reclaimed items

Goods priced at over £5 will be made available for collection after 3 sales if they remain unsold.

Payments for items sold

25% of the price of each item sold will be deducted for the School Fund.

Cheques will be sent out either as soon as all items have been sold or after 3 sales.


Please contact


Any offers of help on the day of the sale would be greatly appreciated. 


If you wish to donate clothes to be sold in the aid of the School Fund these may be brought in at any time to the Junior School office. Please remove all nametapes and/or embroidery and place them in a bag clearly labelled "Donations".

Further copies of this letter, printed labels or the sale form can be obtained at any time from the Junior and Senior School offices.

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