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The Go-Ed Philosophy


School Aims: The aims of the School are to provide academic challenge, extensive enrichment and a unique education for remarkable girls. 

School Purpose: The Croydon High learning experience is characterised by academic adventure, wide ranging opportunities to excel, a balance between challenge and individual support and a passionate and dedicated staff for whom the girls are always the first priority.  
Our school motto is May Her Character and Talents Inspire Others

School Promise: The girls who leave Croydon High School are remarkable; they are typically confident and engaged in school life and are compassionate and ambitious individuals.

GO-Ed - Girls Only Education. This is how we describe our attitude to the education of girls and the unique culture we have developed at Croydon High.

Girls Only Education is nothing new of course and our school has been delivering a top class learning experience to local girls since 1874. We believe passionately in the benefits of single sex education, simply because we know it works.

Why GO-Ed and not Co-ed?

At Croydon High we believe our supportive girls-only environment offers enormous benefits.

Year after year we see how girls flourish in secure happy surroundings where they can discover who they really are and where they want to go. In a single sex school, there is undoubtedly less pressure to conform to stereotype, particularly in academic or sporting choices.

Croydon High girls take all three sciences – and do well - and the level of participation, determination and success on the sports fields is something we are particularly proud of.

At Croydon High, the leaders of the student body are obviously all girls. Head girls, house captains, prefects, sports captains, captains of the debating teams; girls fill these roles admirably and learn a great deal through them. They find their voices and appreciate the challenges of leadership.

Similarly, in the classroom, we find they are prepared to take intellectual risks, to ask questions, and to make judgments without thinking about ‘looking stupid in front of the boys’.

They are encouraged to take these risks and to build resilience because we know these traits will be invaluable in their lives after school.

The girls are relaxed around their peers and are free to grow up in their own time without the pressure to behave or to look older than they are.

But, we always stress that we are offering a single-sex education and not a single-sex life. The girls are not kept away from boys – we encourage and enable shared activities between ourselves and another local Independent boys’ school. Particularly in sixth form, we recognise that there is much to be gained from these activities which can be academic or extra- curricular as well as social.

But at Croydon High, we simply believe a single-sex education for girls is the best possible preparation for the challenges life will give them.

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