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Personalised Learning & Enrichment

Academic excellence and outstanding results are, of course, what we are all aiming for in the Sixth Form.

But, we believe it is equally important that the girls leave us as accomplished, well-informed women who have high aspirations for their futures.

To us, that is what makes a Croydon High girl special and what sets her apart from others who may achieve similar levels of academic success.

That is the thinking behind initiatives like the Extended Project Qualification and our GO-ON programme of learning.

We are particularly proud of those girls who take the EPQ in addition to their A’ Levels. Representing half an A’ Level, it requires a great amount of self-motivation and discipline.Girls choose a topic of personal interest, outside their A Level syllabus and research and report on it both in writing and through a formal presentation.

Previous examples of subject areas have included:

  • The publication of a Spanish book for children
  • A discussion of the treatment of the Native American Indians by white settlers
  • The modelling of a cruciate ligament in a dog

Every girl who opted to take the EPQ in 2012 was awarded an A* grade which is a remarkable achievement.

It seems that the EPQ course may help in the university application process. In some cases, EPQ girls were interviewed for traditionally over-subscribed and highly competitive courses, such as Veterinary Science, with their commitment to EPQ perhaps giving them the edge over other applicants.

Opportunities to GO Beyond the curriculum

Whilst academic excellence and exam results are important to us all, we believe a true education is much more than either of these things – and that is what we strive to provide at Croydon High.

We want the girls to be able to think, to reason and to experience opportunities not covered in the academic curriculum and which they may not otherwise be aware of. This is the foundation of our GO-On (for Years 10-13) and GO-Beyond (for Years 6-9) programmes which run throughout the year at Croydon High.

These sessions are led by members of the teaching staff and usually cover areas quite different from the subjects they teach. These are subjects that they have a particular passion for and can cover topics as diverse as “The Political Face of the Olympics, The Beatles and a visit to ‘Tosca’, followed by research on the political and ethical issues raised by it.

These courses are designed to be both inspirational and exciting, with opportunities for the girls to visit galleries, theatres and museums all adding to their learning experiences and self-confidence.

Expanding horizons in this way will undoubtedly help the older girls with their future university and career applications and encourage the younger girls’ natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. But most importantly, GO-ON and GO-Beyond are golden opportunities to learn fascinating things from inspiring people.

Sample GO-On and Go-Beyond Schedule | PDF (58KB)

We want the girls to be high achievers in every aspect of their lives and we know that they will need far more than excellent exam results to meet the challenges of the modern world.

We believe they can ‘have it all’ and we aim to inspire them to believe it too.

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