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The Foundations of Our Curriculum

The Girls' Day School Trust (GDST) founding aim was for their schools to be:

…Places not only of instruction, but of education in the true sense of the word, which provide a training of the individual girl by the development of her mental and moral faculties.

This broad view of education and of the value of the individual is at the heart of our modern curriculum at Croydon High School.

Emphasis is placed on excellence and innovation, combined with a breadth and balance that ensures our girls develop inquisitive minds and the confidence to become independent learners.

Our Aim

To provide a curriculum for all our pupils that enables and encourages them to:

  • keep an open, questioning mind and to make independent and informed decisions
  • continue their formal learning in higher education
  • participate effectively as citizens in a multi-ethnic society
  • develop an active and healthy lifestyle

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • promote excellence and to encourage each girl to fulfil her individual potential in many different areas, according to her abilities, skills and interests.
  • be balanced, ensuring that each area of learning and experience will be given appropriate attention in relation to the others and to the curriculum as a whole.
  • motivate our students to learn independently, to challenge, to ask questions and to have an opinion

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