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Welcome to our Reception

It's your daughter’s first step on the road to her future academic success. We see it as our job to ensure she makes the best possible start, so that she can go on to achieve anything she wants.

Her dreams may be small now, but just like her they will grow. We want to give her the confidence to believe she can do anything - and we do this by creating a learning environment where she is stretched and supported every step of the way. Learning in reception is FUN! Everything she does will have a purpose… but she’ll be too busy enjoying it to realise that she is learning.

You will notice it, however, as you watch how we develop her thirst for knowledge, her interest in everything and her ability to work alongside others in a happy and stimulating environment.

Croydon High Reception is very special.

Why is Reception class at Croydon High such a special place? It’s because our staff have years of experience teaching girls. We understand them, we know how to get the best out of them and most of all, we LOVE being with them!

All our teaching staff have a passion for what they do and feel privileged to be trusted to give your girls the best possible start to their education.

We also believe we are working in partnership with you, their parents, who are their most important teachers. We keep you informed and, through our Open Door policy, we encourage you to come and talk to us at any time.

We believe in a balance between traditional education and learning through play and experience - inside and outside the classroom. Our broad curriculum includes plenty of trips. We celebrate every event and achievement from new puppies and new babies at home to reading and writing in the classroom, and first snowfalls and spring bulbs in the world outside.

Our bright and purpose-built classrooms are well resourced and have plenty of space for group activities as well as one-to-one attention. There is always something going on and the girls learn quickly how important it is to share and co-operate with others in work and play groups.

Starting school is a very big step and we understand the anxieties parents may have as they launch their little girls into this new world of learning and adventure. There is a lot you can do to help prepare her for ‘big school’ and we are always happy to support you (and to provide tissues should there be any tears on the first day). In our experience, it’s usually the parents, not the girls, who need them!

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