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Personalised Learning

We are confident in our belief that the quality of teaching and learning at Croydon High School is amongst the best you will find anywhere.

Our teachers are well qualified subject specialists who, through their enthusiasm and meticulous planning, ensure the best possible learning experience for our pupils. Tried and tested teaching methods have always had the ability to raise pupil achievement but, a vital element for any school is to have the personalisation of learning at the core of all it does.

Our Head, Mrs Emma Pattison has a clear philosophy when it comes to teaching, believing that it is our responsibility as teachers to create a learning environment where pupils are set clear targets and given the appropriate tools to reach these targets...and in many cases to exceed them.

At Croydon High School our entire teaching and learning strategy is based on the idea that every pupil is embarking upon their own personal learning journey. Individual academic targets based upon baseline testing and regular review by academic and pastoral staff, ensuring that our pupils always know where they are on that journey and what they need to do to reach their destination.

Led by the Head, the entire teaching staff are committed to implementing a tracking system of each girl’s learning which enables their progress to be monitored and reviewed even more closely.

This includes termly targets for progress, pupil/teacher reviews and evaluation at the end of every term (including self evaluation by the pupils themselves). This ensures that our girls maximise their potential and achieve the very best grades that they can. These individual targets also inform our teachers about how best to adapt their teaching to meet the learning needs of all the pupils in their care.

Mrs Pattison is also passionate about developing learning skills in every single girl. 

To further support this personalised approach to teaching and learning, our excellent pastoral care systems ensure that all pupils have a fantastic support network within school that is designed to maximise both academic and personal development.

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