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Pastoral Care

We are very proud of the outstanding pastoral care we offer our girls in the Junior School. When your daughter joins Croydon High Junior School, she will be welcomed into a warm and caring environment where learning is fun and being happy is always the most important thing.

The class teacher knows every girl individually and takes into account each person’s emotional needs as well as a holistic approach to their learning.

We have an ‘Open door’ policy. Parents are encouraged to speak to staff regularly and communicate through the homework diary. Staff take the girls out to their parents at the end of the day to enable easy communication. Brief written reports are sent home at the end of the first two terms with a longer report in the summer term.

We fully recognise the importance of praise in building self esteem. We celebrate good work and behaviour in assembly every week. Each year group has a praise board and there are many opportunities for stickers and certificates to be awarded.

Years of experience has taught us that girls particularly respond best when they feel secure and happy. By creating this sort of environment, we are able to stretch even our youngest girls to achieve more than you could imagine.

Pastoral Care in the Senior School

Croydon High School has an excellent reputation for providing outstanding pastoral care; in fact the welfare of each girl is paramount to everything we do.

We appreciate, more than most, how happy, relaxed children are most likely to gain the maximum benefit from their school years and, therefore, most likely to succeed.

With a well-established pastoral care system in place – one designed to ensure girls are happy, fulfilled and enjoy excellent relationships with the teaching staff - your daughter will be supported and cared for throughout her time with us.

Placing considerable importance on the welfare of their pupils, our class teachers are always available should you wish to discuss any aspect of school life.

Keeping our mission statement in mind…

A leading school where individuals flourish…

we aim be a forward-looking community where all girls:

  • achieve their personal best
  • are nurtured within a safe, happy and supportive environment
  • grasp opportunities at every stage
  • learn respect for themselves and others and accept their responsibilities as global citizens
  • are encouraged to develop into confident, well-balanced, intellectually curious young women ready to face the challenges ahead

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 we aim to encourage creative thinking and learning in a supportive and positive environment. All girls are encouraged to fulfil their potential in all aspects of the curriculum and develop their individual talents.

Year Aims
Year 7 for students to have a smooth transition from Junior School to Senior School, becoming involved in all aspects of school life.
Year 8 For students to develop their targets discussed in Year 7, to develop their social skills and to develop individual learning in preparation for GCSE.
Year 9 To guide and support students in deciding for option choices for GCSE and to prepare students for the Key Stage 4 transition.

In addition to extra-curricular activities provided by the school, the girls have been offered the following to enrich their learning. For example, in Year 7:

  • Visit to a Synagogue
  • See the production ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream
  • Trip to Bodiam Castle
  • Trip to Skern Lodge in Devon
  • Flamenco Dancing Workshop
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • The School Play Production
  • Middle School Choir concerts
  • Gym and Dance display

Key Stage 4

In the Upper School we firmly believe that happy students are successful students and at Croydon High we do our utmost to create a caring, sympathetic and inspiring environment in which the girls can thrive.

With a committed tutor team each pupil is supported and encouraged to grow socially and academically. They are given opportunities to develop self awareness and self confidence, along with undertaking responsibilities which will equip them for adult life.

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