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Entrance Criteria

All parents are encouraged to visit the school prior to assessment, either on an Open Day or by appointment via the junior school secretary on 020 8260 7508.

The Head of Junior School will take parents on a tour of the school, during which time they can discuss their daughter’s entry, ask questions and receive any relevant information. Although official testing time is in January prior to entry the following September, girls can be assessed individually at other times during the year for immediate entry.

Testing for entry into Years 1- 6 for September 2018 took place on Wednesday 17th January 2018, however we appreciate that there may be interest at other times of the year and ( subject to there being space in the year group that is of interest) we will always try and accommodate parents with additional testing dates.

Testing for entry to Year 1- 6

Entrance at 5+ (Year 1)

Girls will be invited to school in groups of four to six.

The girls will engage in activities involving picture matching and sorting objects according to given criteria. They will also be expected to co-operate in small group games and to use spoken language to express their feelings and ideas.

They will be expected to follow simple instructions, recognise colours and begin to draw their own simple pictures. Girls should be able to use spoken language to express their ideas and feelings easily, to recognise and write their own name, to recognise colours and have established basic reading skills.

The girls should have some understanding of mathematical ideas and relationships (sorting, matching, sequencing) and be able to count, recognise and begin to add numbers up to 10. They should be able to name and recognise simple shapes, have reasonable manipulative skills and demonstrate the ability to work co-operatively in a group. We will ask for a written report from your daughter’s present school at this stage. The session will last for approximately one and a half hours.

Entrance at 6+ (Year 2)

Testing takes place in small groups in a classroom situation. By this stage children should have made a good start with reading. They should be able to express their experiences and feelings through drawing and by writing simple sentences.

They should have a breadth of mathematical language and practical experience with shapes and solid shapes, length, balancing, simple area and sets. They should understand simple addition and subtraction. They should be able to express themselves well orally, and work co-operatively within a group. The girls will be given a simple mathematics paper to work through.

They will be asked to complete a short piece of writing and to complete a reasoning test. Assessments are carried out with the girls individually on application. A written report is requested from your daughter’s present school. The assessment will last for approximately two hours.

Entry to Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

All parents are invited for a tour of the Junior School. The Head of Junior School will be happy to discuss your daughter’s entry and answer any questions. The girls will be assessed in a small group or individually. Girls will be invited for assessment at any time during the year when vacancies are available. Reports from present school are requested.

Assessments for entry to Years 3 to 6 last for approximately two and a half hours.

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