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In the Junior School we try to create a balance between a traditional curriculum and any current educational initiatives.

All girls, except for the youngest, have a recognisable timetable of subjects. We use phonics to teach reading but we also use a variety of approaches and different reading schemes. We adapt to what is best for your daughter.

We try to make links between different areas of the curriculum so that learning is put in context, is creative and relates to the girls’ own experiences. In this way, learning is a positive and happy experience. We teach Creative Thinking and Philosophy within the timetable for some year groups, but all have a chance to experience these approaches to learning through our whole school Creative Thinking Days. These are held every term and we abandon the traditional timetable and learn in mixed age groups.

Regular trips and outings are arranged in each year group to support the topics covered and these stimulate much interest and enthusiasm. Please use the subject menu to the left to find out more about our curriculum in the Junior school.

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