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GDST Alumnae Networking

Old Girls Network

not just for schooldays but for life

The GDST Alumnae Network is a growing community of around 50,000 former students and staff of the Trust’s 23 schools and two academies. This is a totally unique offering to GDST girls, who can (and do) take advantage of this network of like-minded women who are willing and able to offer advice. ‘Old girls’ come back to school regularly, to give formal careers seminars or have informal chats with girls about their ideas and aspirations.

Alumnae relations are nurtured carefully, both by the GDST and the school with its’ Ivy Link association and this golden network is invaluable to the girls as they go through sixth form. It is even more valuable once they leave school and can access contacts and advice for the whole of their working life.

The GDST Alumnae Network | External Website

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