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Exam Results & Destinations

GCSE and A Level Results 2016

The initial results are in and both sets of results are excellent. You can read about them by clicking on the links below. A  more detailed analysis will be published shortly.

2016 A level Results Press Release | pdf Document)
2016  GCSE Press Release| pdf Document)
Destinations for 2016 cohort | pdf Document
GCSE Results 2016| pdf Document)
A Level Results 2016| pdf Document)


Celebrating outstanding A Level results and a kaleidoscope of exciting destinations for their Class of 2016

Once again, Croydon High School has maintained its local reputation for excellent academic results with a 100% pass rate at A Level and over 94% of students achieving A* - C grades.  

Croydon High’s outgoing Head Debbie Leonard is always proud of the academic results achieved by the girls, but this year has been particularly struck by the wide variety of choices this cohort has made – both in their subject options and their post sixth-form destinations. “This year, more than ever, we have been conscious of how truly impressive these girls are in so many ways. They have achieved excellent academic results and also extended their learning and life experience through our wide range of extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities.”
The Extended Project Qualification is a great example of enhanced academic learning. This award, representing an additional half an A Level, is increasingly valued by prestigious universities who believe it effectively showcases students’ research and presentations skills as well as their self-motivation and breadth of education. This year, a stunning 17 out of 18 Croydon High girls in Year 13 were awarded an A* or A in their EPQ – and 100% gained A* - B grades. This is an outstanding achievement.    
Debbie Leonard went on to say that the academic results, important as they are, only give a one dimensional view of every girl’s achievement in her school career. “This year group have particularly excelled in their ability to take on leadership roles within the school, seeking out work experience and networking opportunities and managing to maintain their different extra-curricular interests and zest for life throughout their rigorous A Level years.”

Individual approach to learning leads to diversity of choice and opportunity
It is this diversity of interest and ambition that the school is particularly celebrating, as it demonstrates that each girl’s individual talents and aspirations are unique and enhanced by the school’s approach to teaching and learning.

Director of Sixth Form, Jimmy Haidar explains, “Personalisation, with regards to learning, is not just another educational ‘buzz word” at Croydon High. We pride ourselves on how well we know each girl and importantly, how well they know themselves. This approach means that girls make choices- especially at sixth form - that enable them to achieve their goals in a way that is right for them.”

The school’s two Head Girls, Ellen Lennox and Tanya Dosanjh are examples of how different learning styles can both achieve success. Both girls are bright, dedicated and hardworking but have different approaches to learning and, obviously, different ambitions. Tanya opted to take four A Levels, Chemistry, German, Maths and Further Maths achieving A grades in all of them, which secures her a place at Exeter to follow her dream of studying Maths. Ellen chose to take three A Level subjects, Government and Politics, History and Maths and complemented this with an EPQ. She achieved two A* and two A grades and will be heading to Durham where she will be reading History.

Be it studying Medicine or Marketing, Theatre and Performance, Ancient History or Languages, more dreams are well on the way to being realised with some outstanding individual academic results for Croydon High girls. Girls have opted for subjects they love and not just those that ‘go well together’ and this has obviously helped them excel and go on to study subjects they are passionate about. 

For example, Sarah Garonne with an A in Maths and two A* grades in French and English will be reading Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Exeter. 
Arunchana Maheswaran’s chosen subjects really reflect her strengths as well as her interests and her A* grades in Biology and Chemistry as well as A grades in Maths and German could take her anywhere. She is heading for UCL to read Medicine.
Sophia Ahmed, with two A* grades in Geography and Government and Politics and an A in History will be reading Geography at UCL 

Oxbridge Success
Shakira Mahadeva and Kirsty Bailey are both Oxford bound and both celebrating three A* grades. Shakira will be reading Biochemistry following her successes in Chemistry, Maths and Physics, while Kirsty, who also achieved an A* in her EPQ, will be reading French and Italian after her A* clean sweep in English Literature, French and Geography.  
Honor Clapp is also an Oxbridge success, heading to Cambridge to read Philosophy with A* grades in English Literature, History and her EPQ and A grades in RS and Biology.

Nursery Girls celebrating A Level success
Honor is one of a number of girls who have had the full Croydon High experience, joining as she did aged 3 in 2001 - the year the school’s Nursery opened. Shakira, mentioned above, is also a ‘Nursery girl’ as is Ysabel Cruickshank who heads to LSE to read Politics with A* grades in Government and Politics and English Literature and an A in German. Preeyah Purang is celebrating three A grades in Chemistry, French and Maths and an A* in Biology
Sarah Brock was working in the Nursery when it opened in 2001 and is still there now. She has always felt a special bond with these girls and so made a special trip in to school to be with them as they received their results. “It has been wonderful to be able to stay in contact and watch the girls grow and blossom over the years. I am absolutely thrilled that they are going on to do such exciting things.” 

Debbie Leonard, who took up a new post as Head of The Grange School in Cheshire in September 2016 took the opportunity to offer her very best wishes to new Head, Emma Pattison and the whole Croydon High community. “Wherever I go in the future, “she said, “there will always be a little piece of Croydon High in my heart – it is a unique school and a very special place.”

GCSE Success

Following the success of last week’s A level results in which 14.5% of all A levels taken at the School were awarded A*, Year 11 girls at Croydon High School are this week celebrating another very strong set of  results with 28% of GCSE grades at A* and 86% A*-B.  

An impressively large number of girls, 28% of the year group, were awarded a straight run of A and A*grades. The girls who achieved this remarkable statistic are too numerous to name individually, however, special mention should be made of Praveena Senthilkumar and Riana Patel who are both celebrating  near perfect results, 9 A* and 1 A grade.

New Headmistress, Emma Pattison, said, “I would like to congratulate all of our girls for the stunning effort and determination which has gone into achieving these results and also to recognise the support of their parents and the dedication of the teaching staff here at Croydon High.   It is a privilege to be joining a school where the parents, staff and girls all work so hard to ensure the girls triumph on results’ day.”

Assistant Head in charge of the curriculum, Mark Pickering, commented, “We are thrilled to report that as a year group and individually, our girls have achieved results that exceed expectations, and this is down to a great deal of hard work by the girls as well as the high quality teaching and individual support available to them.

Many of these girls came through our Junior school, some joining the Nursery aged just 3. This has clearly given them a strong academic foundation and there is a particularly close sense of community between all our Year 11 girls and their teachers. The school is particularly proud of its strong academic results because they follow a year of excellence in other spheres of school life. 

Emma James, for example, gained a fantastic 6 A* and 4 A grades. This achievement is all the more impressive given that this year, Emma has also played cello in the school orchestra, sung in the choir and spent a week this summer at the Edinburgh Fringe performing in the school’s  production of Jason and the Argonauts. As Corporal James, Emma is also a high flier in the local 66 Selsdon Air Cadets and plays rugby for Warlingham Ladies’ Under 18s. Having started in our Nursery, Emma now joins the Sixth Form to study Drama, English Language and Literature, German and History; she is a fine example of the all-round participation and excellence that Croydon High inspires.  
Carys Marsden also joins our Sixth Form having gained 6 A* and 4 A grades. Her artwork was one of the highlights of the Summer Exhibition and she is also a very talented athlete, so it is not surprising she gained A* in both PE and Art. Having competed this year in discus, hammer and javelin, she will be representing Blackheath and Bromley at the athletics UK Youth Development League National Final at the end of August. Carys has also been selected to go to Spain for the European Junior Inter-clubs Championship later in the year; a fantastic achievement in itself. 

Kassia Mahadeva can be extremely proud of her clean sweep of 6 A* and 4 A grades which suggest that as she moves into Lower Sixth, she will follow in the footsteps of her sister, Shakira, with whom she is celebrating; Shakira is one of the A level girls who last week gained straight A* grades, meaning she has secured her place at Oxford to read Biochemistry.

Congratulations to all girls in the GCSE Class of 2016 who have achieved and surpassed their grades …Croydon High is very proud of you all.

A Levels Summer 2015

Croydon High proud of their ‘all round’ high achievers at A level

Once again, Croydon High School has maintained its local reputation for excellent academic results with a  99.4% pass rate at A Level, with over 70% of students achieving A* - B grades.  

Head, Debbie Leonard, is always proud of the academic results achieved by the girls in her care, but this year she is particularly proud of the ‘all round’ accomplishments of the class of 2015.

“This year, more than ever, we have been conscious of how truly impressive these girls are in so many ways.  For example, over 50% of the year group opted to take on the Extended Project Qualification. This qualification, representing an additional half an A Level, is increasingly valued by prestigious universities and 72.4% of Croydon High girls were awarded an A* in their EPQ –  an outstanding achievement.

Mrs Leonard went on to say that the academic results, important as they are, only give a one dimensional view of every girl’s achievement in her school career. ” I have no doubt that as well as the usual crop of medics, lawyers, scientists and linguists, we have girls who will go on and achieve great things in many different walks of life. I hope and believe that the excellent all- round education they have enjoyed here at Croydon High will help them all realise their dreams.”

GCSE Summer 2015

There was so much to celebrate for Croydon High girls as they opened their GCSE results this year that it is actually hard to know where to start!

Top line statistics are outstanding:

  • 100% pass rate, with 100% achieving A* -C grades in English and Maths
  • 97.16% of all grades awarded were at A* - C
  • 39.02% of all grades at A* and 70.64% at A*-A. Both of these statistics show an outstanding 10% increase on last year’s impressive results
  • 92.45% A*-B grades in Maths and English
  • 75.47% A* - A grades in Maths  

Head Debbie Leonard said, “We are extremely proud of all our girls in achieving these excellent GCSE results. I would like to acknowledge their efforts and determination and also the support of their parents and the dedication of the teaching staff here at Croydon High. It has been a fantastic example of teamwork and I am delighted to see such potential realised – and in many cases -exceeded.

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GCSE Results 2015| pdf Document)
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